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Leadership Training Programs

Since 1989, The Talking with Kids about HIV/AIDS Parent Education Project has been offered by Cornell University with funding from the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute.

Our free leadership training programs prepare you to work with parents, guardians, and other adults – to teach them the skills and developmentally specific information they need to communicate effectively with children and teens about HIV/AIDS.

What participants learn:

All participants receive:

Pre-registration is required for all sessions.

Training Dates

Nassau County/Long Island
Contact Susan Young at 516-292-7990 ext. 21, to pre-register or to discuss special training needs. Off-site trainings for 10 or more participants can be arranged.

On-Site Training outside of New York City and Long Island: A limited number of additional leadership training workshops can be scheduled on-site for groups of 15 or more. Contact Jennifer Tiffany at 607-255-1942 or